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A Bay Area native with a flare for collaborative arts, Mindy has been creating and connecting with others in every unexpected way life takes her. Though she dabbles in a multitude of mediums, photography has always been at the heart of it all. From travel, to headshots, to promotional work, she's been grateful to help others by capturing their moments from the perspective that is
uniquely hers.

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Airmail Notecard

I had ended up in Milan through a series of unlikely events.

Mindiana Jones he called me.


My fervor for adventure becoming the catalyst for our improbable meeting, Giacomo had created an alias I couldn’t have imagined better.

Knowledge and adventure have been pillars for me in exploring everything life has to offer. To navigate through new experiences and create my own legacy along the way has me exploring new mediums and concepts to push my comfort zone and refine my visions  and values everyday.

Beginning with my first photograph in 2005, I've used art as a way to communicate things I could not find words for.

Though my journey will take me far beyond the cataloging of the incredible moments in my life and others, for now, enjoy and grow with me through the opportunities that make me grateful to be alive.

Why Mindiana Jones?

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To pursue growth, and rise above mediocrity.

To support the ones that put no cap on their capabilities, 

and look for solutions instead of excuses.

These are the adventures of Mindiana Jones.

I hired Mindy to do my graduation photos/pictures of my young daughter and she was amazing! We were shooting on my college campus and working against the clock to get the photos done before sunset. Mindy met us there and had already scoped out several locations at the college that she thought would be aesthetically pleasing in the photos. She was absolutely spot on with all the locations because the photos came out flawlessly. Mindy was professional, timely, patient and welcoming. She effortlessly corralled my hyper four year old into the shots while simultaneously directing me on how to stand, where to look, when to smile, etc. The end resulting pictures were nothing short of perfect. I highly recommend Mindy for any and all photo endeavors.

- Ashley S.



I scheduled a headshot session with Mindy and had a great time. She's intelligent and very personable so the time flew by constantly entangled in conversation and finding best scenes. Her relaxed demeanor also made it easy to capture good sides of myself and she was open to new ideas. Mindy is a pro to work with and an excellent artist to work with, I look forward to another session. Thank you Mindy.

- Dawn T.

Working with Mindy was fun, easy, and totally satisfying. Her photography is amazing, really capturing the spirit of the event and the most important highlights. Beyond being professional and talented, she's just a very kind and supportive presence! Highly recommend.

- Mazin M. 

Mindy was a pleasure to work with! She was always willing to do the work and always took energy to do outside research on ways the work could improve! Mindy is someone who cares about her customers and would follow an order from placement to completion because she knew her name and quality was associated. She is a self starter and someone who always asked for more.

- James D.

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