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Have you ever lost something special?

Something irreplaceable?

Journals are an intimate part of us -- an extension of memory and soul.

I've been without mine for nearly two weeks now and have searched through every possible place without luck.

It was a gift too...My first Moleskin dot journal given by one of my best friends the birthday before last.

Reviewing a journal's beginning once you reach the end is one of the most gratifying things to look back on. Some things you read make you actively cringe, while other moments leave you thinking damn I wrote that? I should have listed to myself.

Since I've got my sights set on getting more serious as a writer, systems will be vitally important to getting any momentum, which includes, not losing my fucking notebooks.

If you have a journal of your own, give it a little extra love today. Maybe write a love letter to/in it.

If you don't have a journal, I would ask where in the hell are you externalizing your thoughts because our brains have not evolved to process the amount of information we take in on a daily basis.

Please send well wishes while I negotiate a trade with my karmic bank.

We'll see if I have to learn this lesson of non-attachment the hard way...

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