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Did You Get a Picture of the Fluke?

Edmonds-Kingston Ferry Route, Washington, 2019

What do you do on a Monday, in Edmonds, on an extended road trip, with nothing planned?

Naturally, a ferry ride.

After roaming the in's and out's of the vessel, it wasn't long before there was a whale sighting to the north. I almost always have my Tamron AF 18-250mm lens on my camera when traveling, which allows you to get a wide frame for close shots, and the zoom for moments like this. After a couple shots, a guy to my right approached me and asked if I'd gotten a photo of the fluke.

The what?

I'd seen a sticker on his water bottle that was a badge for some sort of whale committee, but wasn't making the connection with his question.'s the tail.

He asked for my name and if I was willing to send him the photos, which I gladly obliged. His close friend is studying them in the area and he was excited to show her.

The whale flailed its tail as a final farewell and the three of us parted ways, having enjoyed our chance encounter.

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