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January 01, 2020

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If Streets Could Speak

May 31, 2020

The streets of downtown Oakland spoke volumes after the death of George Floyd murder. Calls for justice and peace lining the streets, demanding, begging, urging social change.

Uproar Brewery Presents 'Locals Only'

Beer and art? Just the way to my heart.

Uproar Brewing Company is pairing up with local artists to let the good times really flow in this showcasing of talent that I'd have to be a fool to miss. 


J.DUH filled the walls with his clever and precise paintings that kept everyone entertained. Everyone had a favorite from this San Jose Artist's gallery. 

Local Artist Brightens Up The Bay

This East Bay native is nothing but true to his roots. He goes by @lucidnebula and is dedicated to sharing his colorful visions of that Bay Area culture we know and love.

He recently took on one of his largest projects yet, painting a nearly 50 foot (rigid, and pain in the ass) wall in Oakland.

Keep your eyes peeled for more amazing work to come.

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