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Rooftops, paella, and...firecrackers?


After a long bus ride in, there was nothing I wanted more than to stretch my legs and see the sights. It was hot and humid, but nothing a little (or a lot) of sangria could fix. 

We visited Parc de Guell, which was arguably my favorite, as well as the

Sagrada Familia, which unfortunately was under construction and

didn't make for the best photos. You can make out the cranes in the

shot from the rooftop deck from our hotel, and my oh my could I have

spent much more time gazing and sunbathing there. 

Though only a short stop, I enjoyed celebrating my birthday in

this beautiful city. As the timing lined up with their summer

festival, there were kids throwing firecrackers in the streets, music

playing everywhere, and we danced all night along the beach, splashing

our feet in the warm Mediterranean waters.

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